Our Ministries

BRIGHT LIGHT CHILDREN’S CHURCH ~  is designed to minister the Word of God
to children from nursery through sixth grade. Children’s church is held while parents
are in the main Worship Service. We teach the children Bible principles from the
Word of God to apply in their daily lives, through video, drama, puppets,
object lessons and stories to support the sermon theme for each service.
The Vision for our Children’s Church is to see children grow strong in character, strong
in the knowledge of God, and who Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for us so they
can share this knowledge with other children.


FAITH IN THE WORD  ~  is our media ministry touching lives and changing people
through the power of God’s Word. This program encourages the unbeliever to know
God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, and challenges the believer to come to
a full level of maturity.


community outreach after school program is for students at risk of failing grades first
through sixth. The program is designed to bring children who have fallen through the
cracks and are below grade level to grade level. This ministry gives students an
opportunity to succeed academically and spiritually.


FOOD PANTRY ~ Our food program distributes groceries and other basic supplies
directly to low income, and homeless residents of Alameda County free of charge.
Our Food Pantry has been serving residents of San Leandro and Alameda County
since May, 2008.


Prayer & Healing Ministry – serves people in need of healing in their Spirit, Soul & Body.
Prayer is taught  and people are shown in the word of God that it’s God will for them to be healed.
They are stirred up in the Word of God, through psalms, hymns, songs and prayer.
People are encouraged thru testimonials of others being healed.  Miracles happen everyday thru divine healing.
Lives are changed and bodies healed because God’s Word works. I Peter 2:24, “By His Stripes ye were healed”.
(new pictures will be provided).
Youth On the Edge (YOE) – Our adolescents/teen ministry.
Today’s youth are on the edge and is being pushed by satanic strongholds to sin. YOE’s mission is to bring
salvation to this young generation.  We believe that every youth should cone to know Jesus who died for them.
Our youth ministry is committed to keeping the focus of youth on Jesus by following the word of God.
Saving the lost through evangelism, outreaches, praise, worship, special events and prayer.



AUDIO ~ Coming Soon!

Faith Family Life Ministries ~ Online Audio, Podcasts,  and Video Teaching

This page lists files from our past services. You can listen to the audio on
your computer. This page will be updated often as possible to provide you
with the most current teaching.